Project 3

Analysis of the in vivo measured loads in the knee and hip joint with synchronous 3D motion capturing as well as the collecting of the electrical muscle activity under different workplace settings and with or without exoskeletons in laboratory and field studies

This subproject aims to measure the resultant joint loads in vivo under typical activities of daily living as well as under working conditions, including workplace modifications, lifting aids and education programs. For such in vivo load measurements a worldwide unique group of subjects with instrumented hip and knee implants are available.

Synchronously to the individual in vivo measured joint loads the whole body kinematic will be recorded with a 3D motion capturing system and the individual electrical muscle activity pattern will be collected. Also the effectiveness of exoskeletal setups onto the joint loading and kinematic will be analysed within laboratory and field studies. The worldwide unique in vivo measured load data will be used to validate the developed workplace settings and their modifications as well as the effectiveness of different exoskeletal setups.

Institution: Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Julius Wolff Institut

Partner: RWTH Aachen University, Institute of Industrial Engineering and Ergonomics